Sardinia is an island and yet at the same time it is not. There is so much more to it than meets the eye: Its crystal-clear turquoise waters contrast with rough mountains and overwhelming beautiful landscapes.

The Sardinian culture is one of the oldest in the Mediterranean, dating back almost 7,000 years, and boasting treasures and traditions. The local people are very hospitable and humble. Living a life close to nature is what makes them live to 100 years and older. In particular, the food is excellent, healthy and unadulterated.  

My black sheep philosophy is about a sustainable, highly individual, authentic tourism in Sardinia. I’d like to encourage people to travel eco-friendly, positive, open-minded, respectful, off the beaten path and far away from excessively frequented waters and beaches.

Welcome to wild and beautiful Sardinia !
Welcome to wild and beautiful Sardinia, all year round!

About the black sheep in Sardinia

This black sheep (Italian: pecora nera) travel blog talks about the heart and soul of Sardinia, in all four seasons. As you will discover, it is written in German (since I was born in Northern Germany and moved to Sardinia about 10 years ago, I still write more fluent in my native language).

English Content will follow little by little. Just keep in touch! Or read on or scroll down and find some really nice blogs and pages on Sardinia.

Sardinia is made by its people
Sardinia is made by its people and their originality and hospitality (here pictured on a „murales“ in Orgosolo)

I have been living and travelling in Sardinia for more than a decade. Thus, I have gained a deep knowledge of the whole island, both land and sea, and have been in close contact with people, nature and culture.

My aim is to show you “real” Sardinia both on land and sea. Being a sailor and liveaboard, travel blogger and author, as well as a communications & event manager, I know how to allow you to get as close as possible to this magnificent island!

And maybe you will adopt the “Sardinian way” of life: Being happy with just the essentials, and what you need for a living.

More about Sardinia

In english language I can recommend these blogs and pages, some of them are kind of „blacksheepy“ 😉

Black sheep travel consulting services in Sardinia

The black sheep also offers travel consulting services all year round, everywhere in Sardinia.

I will take you to truly exclusive places on land and sea, where you will find the invaluable luxury of time and calm. And at the same time you will be able to enjoy the thrilling experience of wild and untouched nature and to know the local people and their hospitality.

On my business website you will find different services for ambitious travelers, teams and companies:

Let the black sheep be your guide to Sardinia, on land and sea, all year round!